Christian dating friend zone

I think, as Catholic men, we need to do away with the idea of a ‘friend zone,’ and here is why: A ‘friend zone’ is a way for us to complain about rejection.

He’d make a great friend.” This is why it’s critical to show a woman right away that, even if you’re the shy type, that you have a life.

The “friend zone” is the place where boys go to feel sorry for themselves, stroke their bruised egos, and make every girl who rejects them into an evil spawn of satan. Here are some of my thoughts on this immature, selfish, ungodly mindset. It is really her way of showing that she really does care about you, appreciates and respects you as a person, and values your friendship. Just because someone rejects you, does not only mean that you are not unloveable, but it also means that THEY are not evil, an idiot, or oblivious to how you feel. [For whatever reason that may be.] See, you, as a guy, get to pick and choose who it is you want to pursue.

Look, I understand that you are fantastic and clearly should be on the “world’s most eligible bachelors” list, but the fact is that not everyone is going to fall in love with you like I have. Girls, if they are doing it right and not chasing the men all over creation, don’t have that option.

But they just make us seem desperate, and they are annoying.

They also send a subtle, very not-nice-guy message to that woman …

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