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Thus, this essay seeks to evaluate the concepts of 'similarity' and 'complementarity', analysing the relevant researches in the context of a romantic heterosexual relationship.Whilst there are many theories given on the process of mate selection, of particular interest is the recent emergence of the popular notion that 'opposites attract'.However, this idea is open to interpretation, because it is expected that if a couple is not alike, they would tend to have more conflict, which will reduce the quality of their relationship (Pieternel & Dick, 2008).Felmlee (2001) has shown that relationships developed from attraction based on complementarity often end prematurely.Nonetheless, there is also evidence supporting the complementary need theory (Winch, 1954), contending that for attraction and therefore a happy marriage, there must be potential gratification of needs for both John and Jenny.

This is the very first time that you meet a prospect. Maybe you ran into this person at a networking event, maybe you’re looking at their website, but this is the first impression each of you is making on the other.

At the same time, critics worry that the abundance of prospective dates available online is undermining relationships.

Scammers, meanwhile, are using dating sites to extract money from vulnerable targets, and some dating-site users advise caution about maintaining personal safety.

The odd thing was that he was eager to hook Also See: From Atlantic Unbound: Interviews: "Logging On for Love" (February 7, 2006) Lori Gottlieb talks about love and the new research that's being produced by Internet matchmaking services.

"No Ordinary Love" A sampling of some of the more specific niche online matchmaking services.

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