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This is where it is the photographers and their sometimes nude models who successfully capture and transmit their passion during a simple shooting session, and it is this very ability that makes fashion photography so particularly exquisite.

Such is the work of Marco Glaviano, an acclaimed Italian photographer whose rich career and a distinct style have made him one of the leading photographers in fashion industry. Working mostly in black and white, Marco Glaviano has produced some of the most beautiful images there are.

During her initial interactions with Kyousuke, she demonstrates an attitude similar to a "Tsundere", with the bossy and abusive part more dominant.

Although she maintains this attitude, she slowly tries to open up to her brother at times, reluctantly expressing gratitude on things that Kyousuke has done for her.

Throughout the years, he has photographed a great deal of famous models, such as Paulina Porizkova, Annelids Seubert, Tatiana Sorokko, Eva Herzigova and Cindy Crawford, and has been published in the world’s most important fashion magazines, such as Vanity Fair, Elle and of course Vogue.

His images ooze with glamour and sensuality, usually showing nude models in different, extraordinary landscapes, becoming one with nature.

Marco Glaviano was born in Palermo, Sicily in 1942.

He studied architecture, an influence which can be seen in his work through his meticulous attention to detail. Marco Glaviano is also the founder of Pier 59 Studios in New York and Milano Studio Digital in Milan.

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Each "telecinema" was released in movie theaters and also aired on television on SBS.

She developed a sort of perfectionist attitude due to becoming an overachiever, which eventually made her more prone to struggling when the odds are against her.

When these moments come; however, she displays a more passive side.

On April 21, 2011, Sports Seoul broke the story (later confirmed by numerous media outlets) that she and Korean pop/rock icon Seo Taiji had been secretly married since 1997, before splitting in 2006.

News leaked after two hearings had been held at the Seoul Family Court (court papers used Seo and Lee's birth names - Jeong Hyeon-cheol and Kim Sang-eun, respectively) since Lee filed a ₩5.5 billion lawsuit against Seo for alimony and division of assets.

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