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This is also the reason why xenophobic attacks are taking centre stage in Durban and other parts of South Africa.Though most foreign men are branded drug dealers and con artists, some local women are falling over themselves to get at these blokes.To a colored this may be confusing her “white” upbringing will cause her to say “Hello Jane” and she can blame it on being raised that way and I am supposed to just let that slide?What about her “black” culture surely she should know how to great her mother-in-law?

I cannot even begin to fathom my son’s bringing me a white woman, an Indian, Chinese and worst of all a “Colored” Southern African woman.Now here are my reasons why I wouldn’t want my son’s to marry a Colored woman, firstly it is mainly due to their background which has been made complex by the many contradicting idiosyncrasies they’ve encountered while growing up between two dominant cultures (black and white) to put it simple they are confused and don’t know where they belong and that alone makes them ticking time-bombs!For example I would love to be called “Mama” and not Jane by my daughter-in-law that’s just how African custom is and how I was raised to give respect to my in-laws more importantly my elders.South African women are in dilemma over leaving the country with their foreign husbands who have been displaced by xenophobic violence in Durban, reports said on Thursday.Over 10 South African women who strongly believe foreign men are way better than local guys want to travel to Zimbabwe with their husbands but don't have the right documents, said Isaac Moyo, Zimbabwe's ambassador to South Africa.

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