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Unfortunately, they usually mess up somehow and end up getting into all kinds of weird and troublesome situations.

(Source: ANN) Talk about a whacked, light-hearted and joke-able anime.

Milfeulle Sakuraba is the newest member of the Angel Brigade, a branch of the Transvaal Empire military whose primary mission is to search for relics known as ‘Lost Technology’.

Galaxy Angel manages to keep the plot going even when you think it is non existent.

ona mi coś tam mówi o randce a dalej nie mogę pójść.

"Close ally" ----- to mam na tej różowej co chyba jest ile się znają czy coś tam... Effect Code Clone character pointlessjackall Girls become white rectangles klacidmadegraphix Randpha character 0 stats randphroxmyjox Ranpha with 2000 HP and all stats at 200 ranpharoxmyjox 20 of all items igotabagofhair Sexy Randpha ieatsand Sexy Milfeulle locknload Sexy Forte eatrocksand Sexy Mint ihateporn Sexy Vanilla burntsugar Pick characters names namethebitch ,000 thegreenback Girls harder to fight; or play as clone of Mint ihateyourmum All fighting techniques slapmybitchup Travel to EVA 4 enableeva4 All status 1 HP ihavetehshit Codes for all items in storage misccheater Love Hina Returne mode 1 hinagirlsreturn View credits f***thecredits świeże kody @masami - Na początku, kiedy skończysz "robić" postać, na następnej "stronie" jest taki przycisk "enter cheats" i tam *w* A w trakcie gry to chyba w archiwum x_x Dużo tych cudzysłowiów xd Gra nawet fajna.. Ale denerwuje mnie to 'lol' w niektórych zdaniach Przygotuj się na akcje i walki z wieloma przeciwnikami na raz, robienie ataków, bloków i uników, aby pokonać swoich wrogów.

Nomad's always being abused (I think mostly by Forte). I enjoyed the series, and perhaps I'll look for the manga as well :) If you have the time and wanted to watch something to make you laugh a bit, pick this series up. This is a silly comedy, as such it should be reviewed like that and this review will do just that.

It's a nice mix of characters that plays in this anime nicely. I don't know about others, but I sure enjoyed it a lot. A lot of people (here on MAL at least) seem to give Galxy Angel a low score due to it's "lack of a story and plot".

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