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If you don’t see your brand listed then please click on the link below to go through the navigation DVD brand selector.Most car brands have the latest HERE Navigation DVD 2017 released for next year, as in-dash navigation map updates are typically released on disc or DVD format every 12 months in the fall of the preceding year.If you are a registered user already, please log in on the left side, or create a user account.If you would like to browse our FAQ pages without login, click on "I DON'T WANT TO LOG IN" below. I love the idea, What Do I Need to Install the Phantom ALERT Database? The database is a list of locations, which need to be transferred to your GPS device. A lifetime subscription provides free updates to the database for as long as you own your GPS; additionally, with the Lifetime subscription you can add Phantom ALERT to multiple GPS devices if you or your family own more than one. The Phantom ALERT Database Application displays Red Light Camera, Speed Trap and other POI locations as geocoded longitude and latitude data using google maps, the coordinates correspond to user entered locations word-wide.You'll need your GPS, a USB cable to connect to your computer, any disks which came with your GPS, an internet connection and a PC running Windows XP or Vista, or a Mac Running OS 10.x. You also get valuable no-cost updates to new devices such as smart phones as they become available Q. Simply select a metro area, map location or enter cross streets and city in the field above the map tabs and the map displays the coordinates as the geocoding engine looks up the data and displays the location on the map as a camera or police Icon. I just purchased a Phantom ALERT Smart GPS PIN card, what now? First thanks for supporting our retailers and purchasing Phantom ALERT! Most all auto, portable GPS devices from GARMIN*, Tom Tom and Magellan are compatible Please click here for a complete list of GARMIN, Tom Tom & Magellan models: In -Car factory installed navigation is not supported though check back often as we're working with OEM's to provide this functionality.In order to get the latest mapping software and routes on your in-dash DVD navigation system you will need to purchase map updates at least annually.

Many cars nowadays come with in-dash navigation which is run from a HERE DVD (used to be called Navteq).

Our data is compiled & verified through multiple audits by Phantom ALERT in addition to the thousands of contributions of users who add and verify data they personally experience in everyday driving.

Phantom ALERT is the largest, most accurate compilation of GPS safety data available!

Using GPS (global positioning system) is a fact of modern life—whether it's on your smartphone, built into your car, or as a stand-alone portable navigation device that can be moved from car to car.

Most of us are familiar with how GPS makes travel easier.

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