Problems updating ipod touch to 4 1

i Phone users are also complaining about the “30% battery bug.” Those experiencing the issue say their battery suddenly dies when their device reaches the 30% battery mark.

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Updating your device wirelessly Before you start the download, plug in your device so the battery doesn’t drain during the update process.

The i OS 10.2.1 beta helped Apple squash a number of issues ahead of the official release. While the i OS 10.2.1 update fixes some lingering i OS 10 issues, its brought its own set of problems to i Phone, i Pad and i Pod touch users.

Today we want to take a look at the most important things i Phone, i Pad and i Pod touch owners need to know about i OS 10.2.1 problems as we push toward the next i OS 10 release, a release that could be just a few short days away.

Just make sure to create a list or take a screenshot of all your jailbroken apps and Cydia downloads so you can go back and get them once a i OS 8 jailbreak method is released.

Also, OTA updates are usually not available for jailbroken phones, so you'll have to update via i Tunes.

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