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Tommy had met Pamela for the first time (while on Ecstasy) on New Year’s Eve six weeks prior, but due to busy schedules, they were never able to meet up.

Ruggles Mine, which produced mica and other minerals for 160 years before being turned into a New England tourist attraction in 1963, is up for sale.

But selling or closing the Saks Fifth Avenue flagship is premature, especially when the Big Apple is about to become a new luxury mecca, with Neiman and Nordstrom opening their first stores here over the next couple of years, some retail advisers said.

The activist, hedge fund Land & Buildings Investment Management, claims the company’s real estate could be worth four times the company’s current stock price.The Garrison Files, which includes two of only seven known copies of the Zapruder film of the Kennedy assassination, returned to their native New Orleans after the New York show ended its four-day run on Nov.24, Bill Rau, who owns the artifacts, told The Post.“They were well taught in school and they have a great curiosity, naturally, and this is a wonderful spot for them,” she said.JFK conspiracy theorists showed “serious interest” in the Garrison Files offered to the public at the New York Art, Antique and Jewelry Show — but not enough to buy the 8,500 collection.

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